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Offer all the features an investor might need in a single application with our tailor-made whitelabel solutions. With this solution, you can have a next-generation investment app and provide a unique experience to your users.
Contact us to have an investment application with customizable design and the tools you desire.

Own One of the Most Powerful Investment Apps in the World.

Investment app

Portfolio graph

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Your customers can manage their portfolio with a user-friendly interface, and can instantly analyze past returns broken down by industry based data

Financial data

Offer your customers historical data of thousands of companies. Your customers can access data and automatically generated charts spanning up to 5 years in the past

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Automated alarms

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Build an alarm system with instant notifications and enable your customers to buy and sell shares transparently and efficiently!

Elevate Your Investment App

Access all Finfree tools directly, and effortlessly integrate next-gen solutions into your existing app or build a new one from scratch using our tools.
Empower your customers to invest and manage their portfolios with our tailored solutions for individual investors.

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