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Introducing Co-Pilot, Turkey's first AI investment assistant. Co-Pilot uses advanced AI technology to provide powerful features and access to comprehensive financial data. It analyzes, filters stocks, and conducts research using its AI-driven database and internet access.
This reduces analysis time and empowers the user. Have your investment assistant available 24/7.

Co-Pilot: Your AI Investment Assistant

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Meet Co-Pilot, Turkey's first and most advanced AI investment assistant to date.

Co-Pilot introduces a technology powerful enough to transform how active investors find companies and analyze their financials. As a supportive tool, it aims to facilitate your investment and be by your side throughout the entire investment process.
Use your helpful assistant today for the questions you hesitate to ask your investment advisor and get instant answers whenever you think of them

What can Finfree Co-Pilot do?

Offer intelligent investment tools to your customers with Finfree Co-Pilot. Guide them at every step, from stock selection to portfolio analysis, using artificial intelligence, and make your service stand out.

Financial Tables and Ratio Analysis

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Your customers can analyze the financial ratios of any stock they want with comprehensive charts and benefit from Co-Pilot's expertise.

Stock Filtering and Backtesting

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Co-Pilot's stock filtering feature instantly finds compatible stocks for your users based on their criteria.

Complex Financial Questions

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Empower your customers with Co-Pilot to swiftly and accurately answer all their queries about stock markets, stocks, and finance.

Portfolio Analysis

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Your customers can analyze their investment portfolios thoroughly and receive strategic advice with Co-Pilot.

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Interpreting All Activity Reports and KAP

Company Valuation and Price Forecast

Global Shares and Funds

Live Stock & News Monitoring

Upcoming Features Roadmap


Please contact us for your inquiries and pricing details.

We will contact you as soon as possible. See you later!

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