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Your investment journey starts here.

Investors and analysts altogether. Explore, analyze and invest. All in one place.

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All in one place.

Finfree is a personal finance app that can help anyone improve their financial life.
Start investing and learn along the way.

Investing is simple here.

Join Finfree on an exciting journey through the investment world.
Find the tools you need to create the best portfolio.

  • Easily trade stocks

  • Compare stocks & financial ratios

  • Discover similar stocks

  • Diversify your portfolio

  • Explore industry themes

  • Try automated fundamental analysis

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Finfree Community

Finfree community is a financial analysis platform built to connect you with investors and expert analysts.

Read through 3,500+ stock analyses and gain insights from thousands of analysts.

Join the community to discover, gain insights, and get an edge.

Create your own watchlists or follow others'.

Gain instant access to detailed financial analyses of companies you're interested in. Performing fundemental analysis has never been easier thanks to our out of the box ratios. Without having to spend hundreds of hours on research, you have the tools to determine if a company is a good investment .

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Fundamental Analysis

You can easily choose the right stocks and use automated fundamental analysis tools.

Meet Finfree to invest in the most profitable companies, highest return companies or more. You can analyze professionally without the need for deep financial knowledge.

Learn the growth, price, profitability, and indebtedness of your company, compare it with your competitors and invest in the best companies in the sector.

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Discover the best companies.

Don’t miss out on investing opportunities. The period of selecting, filtering and valuing shares for hours is over! You can find the stock you are looking for in just a few minutes. Find the best stocks with collections and themes. Discover the fastest growing, top earning and the biggest companies.

Sign up to effortless investing.

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