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Which stock
should I invest in?

Start using Finfree's unique stock discovery and analysis tools now

Tired of traditional investment tools?

We’re here to      change   the game

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All in one platform



We offer a quick and easy experience for you to diversify and manage your portfolio.
With Finfree, you can trade on Borsa Istanbul and U.S. Stock Exchanges and access all company analysis reports.

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U.S. Stock Exchange



Soon you’ll invest in U.S. stocks using Finfree. Review the world's most best companies and market data now.

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We offer numerous solutions for you to diversify your investments. With crypto analyses, it’s the full package.

Istanbul Stock Exchange

With Finfree, you can access analyses on all companies on Istanbul Stock Exchange and access the financial data.


Why Finfree?

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Powerful analysis

Discover your new investment in minutes thanks to automatic fundamental analysis tools!

Made for all investors

Your investment, your decision.
We offer a unique experience for everyone to invest toward financial freedom.

Safe and easy investment experience

More than 200,000 users trust Finfree. Our team of investors understand all your needs and develops new solutions for you to investment with confidence.

Unique investor community

Sosyal yatırımın geleceği ile tanış. Finfree’de profesyonellerin hisse yorumlarını okuyarak fikir edinebilir, yatırımlarına yön verebilirsin.

More than  200.000 investors trust Finfree!

Streamlined investment process

Finance made simple for you. Discover the unique investment tools only on Finfree!

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Industry leaders

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Just on Finfree

Virtual portfolio


Just on Finfree


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Stock comparison

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Just on Finfree

Dollar based graphs

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Financial ratios



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Fast trading

Growing together!






More powerful investment tools

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Ready made financial ratios

Unlimited content access

Live data and KAP news

Exclusive investment lists

Finfree Alpha newsletter

More than 3500 U.S. stock analyses

Curated investment lists

Unlimited access to the community and reports

Finfree Alpha newsletter

You can start investing like the pros thanks to these special tools.
Are you ready to level up?

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