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The easiest way to meet the stock market.

Start your investment journey with Finfree and get one step ahead on your investment journey. Leverage the automated fundamental analysis tools, and the analyst community.

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Invest in Turkish and American stocks.

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Easily buy & sell shares.

With Finfree, you can safely invest in companies traded on Borsa Istanbul.

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Invest in the world's most famous companies.

Soon, on Finfree you can invest in companies on the American stock exchange and manage your portfolio from a single application.


Learn to invest without risk

Virtual Portfolio

The first and only in Turkey. Plus it's free.

To introduce you to the world of investing, we enable you to invest fearlessly with a predefined virtual portfolio of 100,000.

Test your knowledge, and discover your investment style.

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Why invest in the stock market?

Yüksek getiri

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of return

Stock market investment can help you experience high returns.

High returns

Pasif gelir

You can earn income and receive dividends by partnering with the best companies in the stock market.

Passive income

Güvenli hisseler

Reliable investing

Your portfolio and shares are safe at Takasbank.

For detailed information visit:

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Quick & easy investment training

Finfree Academy

You don't need high financial knowledge to start investing and be a good investor. Take an hour to learn investment basics with our free Academy training.


The Financial Freedom
Podcast is here!

The Financial Freedom podcast is here to reinforce the idea of ​​financial freedom, and aid you with your journey.

Tune in on the illuminating conversations with financially free investors on the Financial Freedom channel, one of Turkey's most popular finance podcasts. Take control of your money and join us on the path to financial liberation.

Available on Spotify & YouTube

Financial freedom podcast
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