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Time to meet
Turkey's largest financial community.

Don't think about which stock to invest in!
Check out Finfree Community's reports and new investment ideas created by experienced analysts.
Search for the stock you are interested in on the App or discover new ideas with categories suitable for different investment styles.

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Finfree Süper Takipçi
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The era of  super   follower  begins in Finfree Community!

A brand new feature from Finfree.
With the Super Follower feature, you can access special analyzes and price alerts from your favorite analysts.
You can support the analyst you follow and get instant updates.

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Explore new ideas.

Get instant access to reports on the company's you invest in.

Get unlimited reports.

We strive to provide individual investors with financial freedom by giving access to the right resources. We offer categorized, need-based financial content so that all our users can have a professional investment perspective.
Check out Finfree Premium to access more reports to strengthen your trading experience.

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Explore the Watchlists of
top analysts.

Follow your favorite profiles and analysts so you don't miss investment opportunities. Access the stocks, virtual portfolios, and all of their analyses in one place.

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Publish your analysis.
Start earning.

We created a platform where you can earn money by writing analyses, and strengthen your portfolio with the passive income created this way. You can now inform tens of thousands of investors and earn money by creating video and written content.

Join the most influential financial analysts. Generate unlimited income as your content is consumed by readers. In addition to your financial content, you can create your training series and set up your subscription model. As these digital contents you produce are read, you can continue to earn forever.

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