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Provide your customers with instant financial data with Laplace.

Easily access the data you need for your investment or financial platform with Laplace API. Embed detailed financial data, financial statements and ratios of more than 3000 companies from Turkish and American stock exchanges into your application. Avoid complex pricing and missing data.

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BIST and US Stocks Financials and Financial Ratios

Dive into financial insights of over 3,500 shares traded on US exchanges and over 500 Turkish stocks with Laplace API.
Our platform grants real-time and historical data access, enabling your customers to swiftly analyze company metrics relating to productivity, activity, growth, valuation, profitability, leverage, and momentum. Equip your users with streamlined insights and save them precious time.

Sector and Industries

We've categorized all stocks on the exchange for easy discovery. You can easily present stocks categorized by their finances and business areas in your application, increasing the interaction time of users within your app.

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Live US and Turkish Market Data Service

We offer live financial data for over 6,000 stocks and exchange-traded funds from US exchanges and over 500 stocks from BIST. While you focus on your product, we ensure that your users and services access the most accurate data quickly and efficiently.

Let's find your ideal investment product together!

Base Plan

0₺ / Month

✓  Public company data
✓  Financial tables and ratios
✓  Company information
✓  Ideal for trial and integration
✓  1000 API calls per month limit



1,800₺ / Month  %33 discount

✓  Public company data
✓  Financial tables and ratios
✓  Company information
✓  Only for use in personal projects



10,800₺ / Month  %25 discount

Everything offered in the Developer Plan
Ideal for the use of startups and launch
Right to distribute to up to 5k monthly active users



36,000₺ / Month  %20 discount

Everything offered in the Developer Plan
Ideal for large businesses
Right to distribute to up to 100k monthly active users


Contact us for all features.

We will contact you as soon as possible. See you later!

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