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Borsa Istanbul Live Data

Access stock data traded on Borsa Istanbul. Finfree offers an infrastructure that allows your customers to track their stock in real-time with its live data feature.
By integrating both 15-minute delayed and live stock market data into your application, you can allow your users to make transactions instantly without missing out on investment opportunities.

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Borsa Istanbul Live Data

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15 Minute Delayed Data Service

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Enterprise Distribution License

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Recommended Additional Features

Financial Data Service

With our financial data service, we offer company information on Turkish stocks, over 80 financial ratios, corporate activities, and financial statements. You can provide all financial data from Borsa Istanbul to your customers with high accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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Automatically Curated Lists

With automatically updated lists crafted using financial filters suitable for all investor profiles, your users can swiftly find the stocks they're looking for and continue their investments through the mobile app without compromising on experience.

Curated Collections

We've meticulously categorized all companies in Borsa Istanbul and US exchanges. With Collections, you can directly showcase and compare the companies you want with their direct competitors, and present specialized data like sector performance to your users from the collection screens.

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