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Empower Your Business With Cutting-Edge Data Services

With our data package specially designed for corporate clients, you can access the most powerful financial data service in Turkey. Connect to our constantly updated data pool, equipped with error detection systems and data control tests, via API in just minutes. Gain access to all publicly listed Turkish companies, from detailed company information to financial ratios, from financial statements to corporate activities.

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Ratio Analysis & Market Multiplier

Offer your users a complete ratio analysis by presenting companies' fundamental financial indicators, such as P/E and EV/EBITDA ratios.

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Company Information

Let your users deeply understand the companies they invest in with crucial data like company news and free float ratios.

Corporate Activities

Enable your users to easily access vital information such as the dividend calendar and payment amounts.

Financial Tables

Give your users an intuitive interface to easily read financial data such as balance sheets and income statements.

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Harness the power of Finfree's analytical features and leave the guessing behind.

Provide your customers with comprehensive insights like company information, ratio analyses, market multipliers, and financial statement data, enabling them to assess company performances. We grant access to detailed information on corporate activities and current financial statements. Our Turkish stock data service offers investors a significant analytical edge.
Give your customers access to features that allow them to compare companies with their industry, benchmark against historical averages, and conduct ratio analyses.

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Financial Data Access Plans

High Quality Financial Data

These data include comprehensive information such as the financial status, ratios, and returns of over 500 publicly traded Turkish companies.

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Commercial License

Acquire financial data with a commercial license option and have the opportunity to offer it to your own customers.

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API Integration

All of our customers can easily access financial data and integrate it into their own systems through a powerful API solution.

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