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Fractional US Stocks Trading Infrastructure

Allow your customers to trade US stocks at favorable commission rates through your application. Use our SDK to enable your customers to invest in the world's most popular stocks with as little as $10 or $5.
Discover how you can set up a US stock trading platform effortlessly with our SDK, without having to build your own solution.

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Invest Securely in Globally Renowned Companies

Thanks to our US stock trading infrastructure, you can enable your users to safely invest the worlds best companies such as Tesla (TSLA), Apple (AAPL), Netflix (NFLX), Amazon (AMZN) and more.

Buy and Sell Shares

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Purchase Fractional Shares

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Detailed Portfolio Analysis

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Recommended Additional Features

Live US Stock Exchange Data Service

Dive into financial insights of over 3,500 shares traded on US exchanges with Finfree.
Our platform grants real-time and historical data access, enabling your customers to swiftly analyze company metrics relating to productivity, activity, growth, valuation, profitability, leverage, and momentum. Equip your users with streamlined insights and save them precious time.

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Automatically Curated Lists

With automatically updated lists crafted using financial filters suitable for all investor profiles, your users can swiftly find the stocks they're looking for and continue their investments through the mobile app without compromising on experience.

Curated Collections

We've meticulously categorized all companies in Borsa Istanbul and US exchanges. With Collections, you can directly showcase and compare the companies you want with their direct competitors, and present specialized data like sector performance to your users from the collection screens.

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